Do you remember Hitty, from the book Hitty, Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field? She is a small, wooden doll who traveled the world. Did you know that Hitty was carved of Mountain Ash by a peddler for a little girl on Great Cranberry Island?

carved woodend doll

Find out more about Hitty on Digital Archive.  There seem to be quite a few dolls who have applied to be the Hitty out on Great Cranberry! Take a look at some of them: Just search on: “Hitty.”

Never read the book? Think about borrowing it from The Jesup Memorial Library. They have a copy. Or, they can inter-library loan you a biography of author Rachel Brown.

~ Header Photo: “Tiny Hitty Nameless doll by Eric Horne,” Great Cranberry Island Historical Society…view item

Pauline is an active volunteer with The History Trust, focusing on technical issues and training. So, she has lots of reasons to search the History Trust Digital Archive and is delighted to share what she finds.