Eight History Trust organizations that had not been using Digital Archive now have their sites populated with the images and metadata produced by HistoryIT in 2017. That’s a total of 871 items and 1,857 images!

Anyone can view records for a single institution, as well as the records of all eight. Around mid-July, AvantLogic intends to update the online records of three History Trust members that have already been using Digital Archive. Then, all 11 member sites will be searchable from historytrust.org and each organization will have login credentials that will enable them to edit and add items in preparation for a public launch of the History Trust Digital Archive.

A good way for people to get their feet wet is to visit historytrust.org and click the red button at the bottom: Go to Digital Archive. Once in the History Trust Digital Archive, click on these menu items: Contributors, Vocabulary, and Browse. On the Browse page, click on the “quick picks” to see some search results. (Members can access their site by clicking on an item that they contributed, or by going directly to their specific URL.)

Getting to this point required many changes to the Digital Archive software and, undoubtedly, some things will have broken along the way. People should report problems to the History Trust project manager, Bruce Jacobson.

We hope everyone enjoys seeing their collections online!

Mount Desert Island has been Bruce’s home base since 1984, first working with Maine Coast Heritage Trust, then the National Park Service, and now as a consultant to nonprofits.