I often notice pictures of people and their pets as I wander through the Digital Archive. Mostly dogs and cats, of course, but even the occasional rabbit. They show up in the most unusual places. On top of a snowman. Under an umbrella. In vehicles. In a bathtub. There are big ones,  little ones, fuzzy ones, sleek ones. 

There they are, sharing the daily lives of their people, contributing to our collective history.

Two dogs made it into the photo of the first COA class. Only one got credit—the little white one at lower right, with its person third from right. Maybe the one on the left was just “auditing”?
“First COA Group Photo, photograph, 1972,” College of the Atlantic, …view item
Learning to drive?
“Carl and Betty Hardy,” Great Cranberry Island Historical Society, …view item

Little ones.

“Chet and Marion’s dog, Bambi,” Great Cranberry Island Historical Society, …view item

Classy, turn of the century, sort of smooth ones . . .
“Helen Clark & dog,” Tremont Historical Society, …view item
Fuzzy ones.
“Hazel Peterson with Dog,” Great Cranberry Island Historical Society, …view item
One under a spruce-branch umbrella.
“Photos of Lindon H. ‘Tud’ Bunker,” Great Cranberry Island Historical Society, …view item
And some just so sweet!
“Trask, Lorenzo S., and his dog, sitting outside,” Tremont Historical Society, …view item

And, no, I didn’t forget the cats.

As well as Eugene, younger still.
“Harper, Eugene Archel, young boy holding cat,” Tremont Historical Society, …view item
“Mayo, Eleanor, with snowman & cat, Griget,”
Tremont Historical Society, …view item
Ruth Moore & Eleanor Mayo’s cat–Grigett,”
Tremont Historical Society, …view item

And, as promised, the occasional rabbit.

“Albert Gott feeding a rabbit,”
Tremont Historical Society, …view item

There are many more, hiding in photos unidentified (take a peek). 

Keep an eye out for them as you search. It will brighten up your day.

~ Header Image: “Mount Desert Kennel Club Dog Show Poster, c. 1930s,” Great Harbor Maritime Museum, . . . view item

Pauline is an active volunteer with The History Trust, focusing on technical issues and training. So, she has lots of reasons to search the History Trust Digital Archive and is delighted to share what she finds.