This 35-minute video introduces formation of The History Trust and use of digital archive collections for research. It is a recording of a March 2022 presentation to the Hancock County Genealogical Society.

Questions & Answers

Q&A following the presentation to Hancock County Genealogical Society.

Q: If we find a photo are we allowed to download it? Or is there a fee?
A: Most items are available for download, but you will need to check any copyright restrictions recorded and be aware of copyright in general.

Q: Do you take items for your collections? My father brought items home from Stonington, but these items will not be wanted in California.
A: The History Trust does not hold collections: we collaborate to help member organizations preserve and share. We inform our members of items offered so each can evaluate if they might conform to their collections policy. Email:

Q: Did you model this project on an earlier one of some other group around the country or did you come up with the software/platform on your own?
A: Our group explored many options for putting resources online. One proposal received was for several million dollars. Others did not have the capabilities desired. George Soules had already developed Digital Archive (based on Omeka) for the Southwest Harbor Public Library. He was willing to work cooperatively with the group and so The History Trust entered into a contract with his firm, AvantLogic, to modify the Digital Archive for group use.

Individuals from History Trust member organizations frequently collaborate on sharing items from the Digital Archive and responding to questions about collections stewardship practices.