”Here’s How”

Change the View for Digital Archive Search Results

  • Want to view a lot of items quickly? Try Grid view.
  • Want to see a description of each item as you review? Try Table view.
  • Want to scan quickly for the type of item? Try Index view.

You can change the Digital Archive view without it changing your search results. Just click on each of the selector bar options and see what it offers you for choices. You’ll be amazed at what the change of view does in terms of helping you “see” what is in the collections. Try them!

How to change the view.

Search results default settings are View: Table and Layout: Details. But there are lots of other view combinations that you can try. Options differ from one Digital Archive site to another depending on the types of materials. You don’t need to remember them because they are in easy drop-down menus on the SELECTOR bar above your search results.

Table View

screenshot of menu bar
Digital Archive Selector Bar – Table View

The default Layout in Table View is Details, but you can choose several Layouts in Table View.

  • Detail gives you a list of records with a thumbnail image of the item, if there is an image, the TITLE, CONTRIBUTOR, TYPE, SUBJECT and PLACE and similar fields.
  • Type/Subject displays Title, Type, Subject. Click top of column to sort.
  • Places/Date displays Title, Date, Place, Click on top of column to sort.

Grid View

Digital Archive Selector Bar – Grid View

Use the drop down in the SELECTOR bar to choose Grid View. Grid View gives you a whole page full of thumbnails with TITLE, CREATOR, TYPE, SUBJECT and description. Here’s an example: Grid view of items with images, sorted by title.

Index View

Digital Archive Selector Bar – Index View

Index gives you a list, like the index in a book, based on title or other metadata in the record, like CREATOR, TITLE, PLACE, SUBJECT, etc. Choose Index View in the SELECTOR bar.

Other Selector Options.

Other options on the SELECTOR bar itself include:

  • Sort By: to control the order in which your results are reviewed
  • Per Page: to control how many results are displayed per page
  • Items: to see all records or only those with images

Pauline is an active volunteer with The History Trust, focusing on technical issues and training. So, she has lots of reasons to search the History Trust Digital Archive and is delighted to share what she finds.